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IT Baron Services

Computer Repair

Virus & Malware Removal. Cracked Screen or Broken Component. Complete Operating System Rebuilds. Custom PC Builds.

Website Design

Custom built & hosted websites. Modern 'responsive' designs with associated email addresses as standard. Low cost packages available.

Book Publishing

If you've written a book - let's get it published in Paperback & Kindle formats and available for sale on Amazon. Start earning royalties quickly.

VHS Video Cassette Conversion

VHS Cassettes only have a 10 years lifespan - I can convert them to digital for playing on your laptop or drop onto DVD.

Small Business IT Support

Have your own IT Department. For a small monthly fee, I can be your 'on call' technical support to resolve your IT issues.

General Technical Support

Not sure how something works? - need software installed or explained? Home & Site Visits easily arranged.


Computer Repairs

Angry PC

PC Problems

Is your computer driving you crazy?

  • PC slow/sluggish or just hangs!
  • Think it's got a virus - unwanted pop-ups!
  • Laptop cracked screen or broken components!
  • It's just being odd!

I'll investigate the problem & resolve the issue. If I can't fix it - you'll not be charged for my time.

Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Viruses & Malware are sadly everywhere.

If your PC has suddenly slowed down or you can't use your browser - it's probably malware.

These attach to your PC & are very difficult to remove without the right tools.

I can remove the offending code and get your PC back running smoothly again.

System Rebuilds

System Rebuilds

Sometimes Windows can be corrupted and fails; or just like a car, a computer needs a full service every now & then to keep it in tip-top performance.

The solution is to clear down your computer (saving all your precious files) & re-install the whole operating system.

The result will be a computer that runs just like when it was new.

Questions Answered

Questions Answered

If you have problem or concern about your PC, please feel free to pop in and ask me a question.

I'll always give you honest, straightforward advice.
If it requires a fix, I'll quote a price and stick to it.
If it can't be fixed - or it's not cost effective - I'll explain the problem and you won't be charged a penny for my time.


Website Design

Tailored Designs

Tailored Spec

I will spend time to understand what you want from your website and build to your specification.

If you don't already have a domain name, I can help you choose and get it secured for you.

Whether it's for business or personal use, you too can be become part of the Internet.

All I need from you - is the content to be included.

Responsive Designs

Responsive Designs

These modern website designs will auto scale themselves to the device they are being viewed on.

Images will shrink to fit the space available on the screen and menus will 'collapse' to allow more information to be viewed by your readers.

Using industry standard tools and a wealth of business experience, I will always try to exceed expectations.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Pricing to suit all pockets. Low cost 'all inclusive' monthly hosting packages for a cost effective way to get your business online without an initial outlay.

Don't be scared; a website does not have to be expensive and can quickly pay for itself.

If you want a website, but you're not sure what it's all about, please drop in and see me for a 'no pressure' or obligation chat.

Linked Email Address

Email Addresses

Your website will come complete with a linked email address. This supports your branding & encourages customer contact. e.g. info@<>

You can also have an easy to use Contact Function to direct all email traffic to your email account. When you reply - it will be branded with your website name.

Try my CONTACT page to see how easy it would be for your customers.



Are you an aspiring author?

I can get your book published

The IT Baron offers a full technical service to get your book available for sale on Amazon (& other retailers) in both Paperback and Kindle.

The IT Baron can:

  • Format your electronic manuscript.
  • Prepare the front & back covers.
  • Create a digital version ready for Kindle.
  • Create a version for printing in Paperback.
  • Help you set-up & manage your royalties account.
  • Walk you through the whole process.

This is a full end-to-end service. No additional costs (except if you purchase your own book, of course).

Service works as a print-on-demand - so you don't have to pay for big print runs. When a customer buys your book, professional printers print and deliver it direct. You keep all your royalties.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the options around getting your book published.

Accretion Book Cover

Click on the book cover to see this published book listed on Amazon



IT Baron can convert your old VHS cassette tapes into a PC friendly format or transfer to DVD.

Watch your old movies on PC & Media Players.

VHS tapes start to degrade after about 10 years, so best get them converted before you lose them forever.

PC format can be easily backed-up, shared & copied - so you'll never lose your precious memories...

VHS Video Cassette

Media Player

No more rewinding tapes; just use the Media Player controls to jump to the moment you want to watch.

You can even share them on Facebook, You-Tube & other Social sites.

Just drop your tapes into the office with a USB stick or external hard drive. I'll return your tape(s) and files ready to watch on your PC.

If you'd like to know more - please just ask. I will always try to help.



Spinning Logo

On Call' Support to keep your Business 'tech' running

Everyone relies on their PC these days; but if you run a business, staying connected is vital.

Do you wish you had an IT Department to fix technical problems or have someone available to ask how to do things?

Don't struggle with technology... the IT Baron can help you!

For a small monthly retainer, the IT Baron will operate as your IT Department.

Available, 'on call' via phone, email or site visits to resolve the issues, answer queries & keep your business technonlogy running smoothly.

I have 25+ years business experience - so understand most everything IT.

Here's a short list of common support requests?

Baron Van
  • Data Backups
  • Office Networking
  • S/w Installations
  • PC Maintenance
  • General Advice

The IT Baron can help with most technical problems, so don't leave your business exposed.

Costs are scaleable to suit your needs & are a fraction of employing a fulltime person.

The small retainer is for a service, so PAYE is not a problem. All the benefit without the hassle.

If you have a question, please just ask me. I will always try to help.



Baron Van

Need Help, Advice or Technical Support at home or office

Do you have a general IT problems?

  • Would you like PC Lessons?
  • Having trouble installing software or a new device?
  • Want a home or office network configured?
  • Technical advice about a specific problem?
  • Just need on-site support?

The IT Baron can help with most technical problems. Some technical issues can be resolved remotely whereas others need to be investigated & resolved onsite.

Site & home visits can be arranged both inside & outside business hours.

I have over twenty five years experience delivering IT solutions to individuals as well as national & international companies (even F1 Racing Teams).

If you have a question, please just ask me. I will always try to help.




131 Reginald Road South
DE21 6NJ

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If you have a question or would like to arrange a site visit - please feel free to contact me